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Jeffery Wright - Legal Eye Vision  

My name is Jeffery Wright, I have been an award winning new media, visual communications professional for over 20 years.

I am able to translate technical language and concepts for easy comprehension by peer juries. I'm located in the greater Cleveland Ohio metropolitan area.

Browse through the entries in the Trial Graphics tab to see past case winning work using interactive and animated 2D and 3D applications that are entirely custom created from working closely with legal teams.

The examples of past work are primarily focused on the subject of complex mechanical engineering concepts and were crucial in bringing lay juries quickly up to speed. Of course, any abstract testimonial concept can be visualized for concisely presented information.

The applications are easy to use and can be run from laptop and modern courtroom equipment.

Contact me to discuss how your next case can have complex testimony presented in a persuasive, convincing and simple to understand manner.